About Us

About Us

About Us

When we wanted to name our creative service agency, we searched through volumes of documents to get one that truly tells how ingrained our practices are. After much ado, we finalized on “Scribbl”. A closely related term to an activity that lies at the root of all human thoughts, an activity that we have been doing since the start of our evolution, an activity that is nearly 100,000 years old. Even the Neanderthals scribbled on the walls of their caves.

Scribbling is so within us that it happens to be the first step towards any creation. Gradually that grows into a developed concept which finally storms out to take a shape. Similarly, we stay beside you at the time of germination of a creative concept and walk you through as we give it a form and finally help it transform into a real life brand and theme experience, without compromising on its usability. That’s what makes our services complete.We are small, hence more dedicated. We are learning, hence we dare to go out of the box. We are growing, hence we listen more and create designs that fall in line with your business goal.


Anjan Panda Creative Director

Anjan Panda
Creative Director

Anjan offers strategic guidance to the agency. A hands on person, he invests time across different levels, from client relationship management to overseeing onsite production. His industry insight blends with his design knowledge to define design strategies that are not only market savvy, but also holds strong functional value.

A mixed martial art practitioner, Anjan takes periodic time off to trek or to scale.
Rina Panda Managing Director

Rina Panda
Managing Director

Rina guides the business growth of the agency. She invests her time and expertise in revenue generation activities that are solidly founded on her industry awareness. Through extensive research Rina makes sure that she remains abreast with the latest developments of the domain. Moreover, she extends her design and styling knowledge whenever there is a need.

A fitness enthusiast and avid traveller, Rina finds out time to read and write, everyday.