86 out 100 companies in Asia Pacific exhibition sector are set to increase their spending in new activities.*

Our exhibition service is driven by a team that has garnered knowledge to take care of end-to-end solution. Starting from conceptualization to execution, the team looks into each and every aspect in detail. Be it computer generated 3D models, to showcase our concept, or setting up a full scale stand at an exhibition site, our team of designers, project managers, and production crew join hands to translate an idea to reality.

The service is grounded on a full-service workshop that we manage to test theories and build mockups. Our workshop gives us the leverage to experiment with designs and finalize on the one that works for our clients.

With a complete package of services under one roof, we pride in taking the entire brand building exercise on us - from concept to design to build, including logistics.

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A Rs. 13,400 crores industry set to grow 19% by 2018*, interior designing in India is shifting towards job preference from freelance opportunities.

With a team of trained designers who focus only on interiors, our service line is prepared to tackle segments like commercial, retail, and residential. With a sharp eye for space management, furniture placement, texture balancing, and color harmonizing, we not only present fully functional and aesthetically appealing interiors, but we also ensure that the materials are eco-friendly and are recyclable. As a service approach we spend a major portion of our project time in assimilating the request and then we furnish an architectural plan of the expectation. With our 3D artists working in tandem we set stage right from the point of initiation. This is backed by our production team who gets the final job done. Managed by a single project manager, we ensure that the whole team delivers an orchestrated performance from start to finish, so that a customer’s expectation and final execution stand on the same plane.

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“The (event management) industry continues its robust growth trajectory” to touch estimated Rs. 5,779 crores by 2017*

Expos, roadshows, seminars, branding, or wedding, we design, plan, execute, and manage events that leave a lasting impression. This highly demanding service line calls for an all encompassing set of skills including attention to detail, clear perception of aesthetic, maddening hours of planning, punishing tenacity to execute, and feather feet to improvise on site.

For us a project is as sensitive as the emotional value an event holds. Therefore, our project management team works with a home-built workflow management tool that helps us keeping a tab on each every aspect of an event. The team constantly stays in touch with a customer to keep her updated on the status, so that any modification gets addressed instantly.

In parallel our organizers get on the field to iron out legal issues, our designers roll out computer generated mock ups, and our production unit hit the ground to make your wish a memorable success.

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“India’s Advertising industry (alone) is expected to grow at a rate of 16.8 per cent year-on-year to Rs 51,365 crore in 2016.”*

“Don’t give me a Monet, make that sales curve move up.” We follow that instruction from David Ogilvy, firmly. Therefore, our creative service always rides on in-depth analysis of communication objective. As result, our photographs captures a product or service, our copy talks about product benefits, and our layout converse to create a brand image. And we do all that for the target audience swarming a particular channel. Be it print or outdoor, digital or online, our team of analysts comb through data to identify the right audience; that is where we start.

A team of seasoned product photographers, experienced copywriters, and perceptive designers, join hands to convert your marketing objective into appealing communication. We make sure that a layout invites viewers, the image and copy send across the right message, and the advertisement achieves its creative goal.

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